Winter 2015

Volume 7, Issue 1

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Fred Tomaselli, Ten-Kilometer Radius, 1996

When a group of a dozen or so first met in Dallas in 2008 to discuss the formation of Public Art Dialogue (PAD), the organization and the journal were just an idea prompted by a need for public art to have a place at the academic table and a forum for discussion of issues not addressed elsewhere and critical to our field. Cher Krause Knight and Harriet F. Senie signed up as co-chairs, Juilee Decker as membership co-ordinator, Mary Tinti as secretary, and Jennifer Geigel Mikulay as treasurer.

By Marisa Lerer

New York offers a vast array of public art experiences-from single object sculpture in municipal parks to fluctuating installation works. The public art offerings on view in New York City this winter are expansive.