Co-Chair Statement

When a group of a dozen or so first met in Dallas in 2008 to discuss the formation of Public Art Dialogue (PAD), the organization and the journal were just an idea prompted by a need for public art to have a place at the academic table and a forum for discussion of issues not addressed elsewhere and critical to our field. Cher Krause Knight and Harriet F. Senie signed up as co-chairs, Juilee Decker as membership co-ordinator, Mary Tinti as secretary, and Jennifer Geigel Mikulay as treasurer. The following year, Routledge got in touch with us to ask if we were interested in having them publish a biannual print and online journal for the organization. That partnership saw fruition in Spring 2011 and eight issues later we have addressed themes of the canon revisited, site, audience response, memorials (two issues, one guest edited by Kirk Savage), relational art, murals (guest edited by Sarah Schrank and Sally Webster), and an open issue. Please check the journal site for upcoming issues. We welcome your contributions and suggestions for future journal themes. Over the years, some PAD officers have stepped down and we have expanded our creative team to include logo/newsletter design (Jeremy Hayes, Too Fabulous for Words); sessions program committee (Katherine Gressel, Eli Robb and Norie Sato); archivist/historian and assistant newsletter editor (Jennifer Favorite); PAD Liaison to CAA (Betsy Fahlman); and legal counsel (Sharon Erwin), who has spearheaded our incorporation to a 501C3 organization. Thanks to all who served and continue to serve through continued involvement and contributions! At this juncture Harriet F. Senie and Kelly Pajek are stepping down as co-chairs and Juilee Decker is stepping down as membership co-ordinator. (PAD officers are limited to two three-year terms according to the by laws.) In addition, Natasha Khandekar departs from her role as newsletter editor and web content editor. Though we are no longer in leadership roles, each of us plans to continue to be active PAD participants. We are pleased to introduce our new co-chairs, Cameron Cartiere and Jennifer Wingate and membership co-ordinator Anna Heineman, who will do an outstanding job and help us expand ever further. Marisa Lerer will serve as newsletter editor in addition to serving as our public relations coordinator. This is an especially exciting CAA for PAD as we will be presenting our Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Public Art to Tom Finkelpearl, Commissioner of New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Tom has long been a tireless advocate for the field both in his professional positions and publications. Tom will be participating in our roundtable discussion, together with Caroline Woolard and Paul Ramírez Jonas, on “Student Debt, Real Estate and the Arts,” a topic of his choice that he feels passionately about. He will also be speaking at the award presentation (click onto our PAD Planner for details). We encourage you to join PAD if you haven’t already and welcome you to the dialogue! Harriet F. Senie and Kelly Pajek
Winter 2015 | Volume 7, Issue 1
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