PAD Newsletter: Fall 2018

Fall 2018 | Volume 10, Issue 2
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View of East Bowmont Park

View of East Bowmont Park. WATERSHED+ Program developed by a multidisciplinary team lead by artists Sans façon in collaboration with O2 Planning + Design and Source2source. Designed and commissioned through the City of Calgary’s UEP department with the Public Art Program (2017). Photo by Lori Goldstein.

by Lori Goldstein

Increasingly we are experiencing the critical questioning of representation in public space, as recent monument debates demonstrate. Who is being represented in public and why? Who decides for others what is represented in public space? Such necessary and evolving tensions, among many, have led some public art curators, like Ciara McKeown, to question the traditional strategies used to commission public art. This interview illuminates some of the challenges and obstacles involved when working within the bounds of commissioning approaches that no longer respond to the contemporary context.