PAD Newsletter: Spring 2021

Spring 2021 | Volume 13, Issue 2
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Dread Scott, Slave Rebellion Reenactment, 2019. New Orleans. Community engaged performance. Photo credit: Soul Brother.

By Renée Ater

Dread Scott is the recipient of the 2021 Public Art Dialogue Award for achievement in the field of public art. To mark the occasion, in February 2021 PAD member and scholar Renée Ater conducted a broad-ranging interview with the artist about enslavement, resistance, and freedom. Topics covered included: Scott’s projects Slave Rebellion Reenactment (2019), Unchained at Järnvågsplatsen (2019), and Dread Scott: Decision (2013); the creation of living monuments; gender and revolutionary violence; Toni Morrison’s Beloved; plantation tourism; and the ghosts of America’s past. An excerpt of this interview appears below. The full interview will run in the Fall 2021 issue of Public Art Dialogue.

By Cortney Lane Stell

The time has come for us to challenge the homogeneity of the contemporary art field that currently exists in museums and public art spaces.

To showcase the diversity of perspectives and challenges that go along with the creation and curation of public art today, the editors of the newsletter invite active professionals in the field to reflect on their practice. What follows is one of these reflections.