PAD People

Vol 6, Issue 1

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PAD People

Co-chairs: Harriet F. Senie and Kelly Pajek

Membership Coordinator: Juilee Decker

Secretary / Treasurer: Sierra Rooney

Archivist/Historian: Jennifer Favorite

Public Relations / Marketing Coordinator: Marisa Lerer

Sessions Program Committee: Eli Robb, Nancy Scott, and Mary Tinti

PAD Liaison to CAA: Betsy Fahlman

Newsletter Editor / Web Director: Natasha F. Khandekar

PAD Journal Editors: Cher Krause Knight and Harriet F. Senie

PAD Journal Editorial Assistant: Samantha Cataldo

PAD Journal Artists' Project Liaison: Mary Tinti

Newsletter Design: Kyle Hemingway and Jeremy Hayes, Too Fabulous For Words

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