PAD Welcome

As we gear up for a fabulous PAD program at this year’s College Art Association meeting in New York, we would like to extend a special welcome to new members and deepest gratitude to all of our members for helping the dialogue grow and develop. This past year added new faces to our board, saw the publication of two special issues of the journal, Public Art Dialogue, and began new collaborations with groups such as Public Art Network (PAN) and Radical Art Caucus (RAC). We are delighted to welcome Samantha Cataldo as PAD’s new editorial assistant and Katherine Gressel who, beginning in the fall, will be contributing a new column on current public art pieces and exhibitions to our biannual newsletter. We look forward to seeing many of you in New York as we attend multiple PAD sponsored sessions including “Reconsidering Murals Paintings: New Methodologies;” “Reconsidering Mural Painting, Part II: Working Walls, Mural Painting, and Labor in the 1930s” (Co-Sponsored with Radical Art Caucus); “Time, Transience, Durations,” a PAD Special Session; and our business meeting and award ceremony for this year’s recipient for achievement in the field of public art: Penny Balkin Bach. Please view our site for more information on these sessions, our popular PAD portfolio reviews, and other PAD activities. See you soon! Harriet Senie & Sarah Schrank Co-Chairs, Public Art Dialogue
Winter 2013 | Vol 5, Issue 1
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