PAD Award: Suzanne Lacy

Thursday, February 26, 2009, 6:00-7:00pm
Concourse Meeting Room 411, Level 2, Los Angeles Convention Center

PAD is delighted to announce that the internationally renowned artist, author and critic, Suzanne Lacy, will be the recipient of PAD's first award for achievement in the field of public art. Given her sustained record of accomplishment and ongoing contributions to the field, we cannot imagine a better or more deserving inaugural recipient for this award. The certificate of merit and a lifetime membership will be given to Ms. Lacy at the program, "Suzanne Lacy: Recent Work and Critical Concerns," during which she will engage in dialogue with the PAD membership, and discuss her recent work. The event is also open and free to other CAA members.

Complimentary copies of Public Art Review, the world's leading journal devoted exclusively to the field of contemporary public art will be available at the evening event. Published twice annually by Forecast Public Art since 1989.

Winter 2009 | Vol 1, Issue 1
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