Nominations Open for PAD Co-Chair

October 19, 2021

PAD is seeking nominations for a new Co-Chair. Roles and responsibilities of the organization's Chair and/or Co-Chair include: 

  • Preside at all meetings of the organization's officers;
  • Generally supervise the business of the organization;
  • Promote and help steer the direction of PAD;
  • Oversee the editor(s) of the organization's newsletter and website content and any other necessary positions.

The Chair(s) shall be an ex-officio, non-voting member of every organization committee. The Chair shall approve members of all Committees which are created by the Board. The Chair, or one of the Co-Chairs, may serve as editor of the organization's newsletter and website content.

All nominees must be active members of PAD at the time of the election. While it is not necessary to have previously held a position on the PAD board, current board members are encouraged to nominate others and/or self-nominate. 

Deadline for nominations/self-nominations: November 1, 2021

For additional information and to make a nomination, email PAD Co-Chair, Andrew Wasserman.