CFP: Re-Emerging into Public Space Post-Pandemic

August 23, 2020

Re-Emerging into Public Space Post-Pandemic
PAD-sponsored session
CAA 2021 - February 10-13
Chair: Jennifer Jo McGregor ([email protected])

The unprecedented spread of the coronavirus has disrupted every aspect of human life on a global scale, and has altered the experience of public space. As people re-emerge from quarantine there will be an appreciation for moving freely as well as apprehension about gathering together. This session is a forum to capture and present projects created for public space by artists from epicenters from around the world.

Following traumatic events such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, artists quickly responded with public art projects that formed part of the healing process, or were a vehicle for grappling with the enormity of the loss. This discussion will consider aspects of the Covid-19 crisis that are addressed in artwork. While projects are just beginning to emerge, we can anticipate that there will be different motives and subjects, such as ways to experience community through social distancing practices; income disparities and the lack of access to health care that the pandemic has exposed; memorials to those lost, or ways to address a new way of mourning; and new ways to occupy and connect to the public realm.

To gain a broad perspective we will seek contributions from artists, curators, scholars, public art administrators, and theorists to interrogate the activity in their regions and examine questions including: How are artists engaging with public space? What was the impetus for their project? How did it occur? What was the impact? How are artists called to participate?

Proposals due by September 16, 2020Submission guidelines here.