Call for Proposals

April 12, 2012
Propose a Paper for “Reconsidering Murals: New Methodologies” – a PAD session chaired by Sally Webster at CAA 2013. Deadline for proposals: May 4, 2012 Public Art Dialogue Reconsidering Murals: New Methodologies Sally Webster, Lehman College and The Graduate Center, City University of New York, [email protected] From the Renaissance until the nineteenth century, the patron- age of wall painting was primarily the province of the church and the monarchy. A change occurred internationally in the eighteen hundreds when mural painting assumed an important new role as civic art. Attached to governmental buildings such as city halls, courthouse, libraries, and capitol buildings, mural painting’s public status was furthered by debates among critics, artists, politicians, and concerned citizens as to style (flat versus illusionistic) and content (allegorical versus historical). Since then there has evolved a seldom acknowledged but unbroken history of mural painting and wall art, yet similar critical debates have not emerged. With reference to both historical and contemporary practice, this panel invites papers that incorporate and articulate new methodological approaches. In addition to fresh analyses, the panel also welcomes projects that focus on the documentation, conservation, and inventorying of wall art, as well as proposals from visual artists. For more information, visit