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This summer, Boston Art Review (BAR) Founding Editor-in-Chief Jameson Johnson invited PAD member Jen Mergel to be the print magazine’s first guest editor for Issue 04: The Public Art Issue. True to its name, it explores public art “issues” through 19 original contributions, including artist interviews, exhibition reviews, critical essays (one by PAD co-founder Cher Krause Knight), and featuring an artist project and a roundtable discussion (moderated and edited by Mergel). BAR is neither a commercial magazine nor an academic journal; it is a fully community-generated, all-volunteer, donation-driven and rigorously-edited forum that serves as the only online and print publication in Greater Boston dedicated to contemporary art. BAR’s current focus on public art issues reflects Boston’s recent acceleration of public art projects, programs, policies, problems—and critical dialogue toward deeper understanding. Learn more about The Public Art Issue and BAR at

Fall 2019 | Volume 11, Issue 2
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