PAD Welcome

I would like to begin with an announcement regarding recent changes in PAD personnel. Sarah Schrank has stepped down from her position as co-chair because of unforeseen personal circumstances. We at PAD would like to thank Sarah for her service this past year and a half. It has been a pleasure to work together and I am pleased to announce that Sarah will continue as an active member of the editorial board of Public Art Dialogue and co-guest editor with Sally Webster of the upcoming “The Mural Issue.” Kelly Pajek has graciously agreed to fulfill Sarah’s term as co-chair, which will end in March 2015. Kelly has done an outstanding job as treasurer. Her appointment represents an expansion of the leadership, which has always been the intent. In the future, we expect to further expand to include more public art administrators, curators, artists, and representatives of other professions covered under the wide umbrella that public art provides. Additionally, Sierra Rooney has agreed to combine her current position of PAD secretary with that of treasurer. This will obviously increase her responsibilities but we acknowledge and appreciate that Sierra is up for the job. I would like to extend a very heartfelt thanks to both Kelly and Sierra for their commitment and continuous valued input to PAD. Once again we are looking forward at an active presence at CAA, which will be in Chicago. Our next award for public achievement in the field of public art will go to Jack Becker, who has contributed a great amount to the field. Look for more on Jack in our upcoming 2014 newsletter. Thank you. Harriet F. Senie
Fall 2013 | Vol 5, Issue 2
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